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A Hat Full of Sky

Book Review — A Hat Full of Sky, by Terry Pratchett
This book continues where The Wee Free Men left off. Tiffany Aching leaves home in order to study to be a witch, and ends up apprenticed to Miss Level, a woman with two bodies. Tiffany didn’t expect to be doing chores or caring for all the needy in the neighborhood. She thought being a witch involved something, well, a bit more glamorous. And when she meets with all the other apprenticed witches, they all use charms, spells, and they make the best shambles. Poor Tiffany can’t do anything like that, and the other girls rub it in. But peer snobbery is the least of her problems:  a terrible, invisible creature is hunting her.  Tiffany’s tiny blue friends, the Na Mac Feegles, know of her danger, so they set out to save her. Along the way, Tiffany learns that the best magic is the kind that exists within yourself and all of nature, and caring for others is its best use. The hilarious antics of the Na Mac Feegles, the wisdom of Granny Weatherwax, and the bond of love Tiffany has to her land, the Chalk, make this one of my favorite books.

cover A Hat full of Sky

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