The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky

The True Adventures of Jay B. R. Wokky — A Fairy Tale to Read Aloud

Jay B R Wokky dragon narrowThis is the true story of Jay B. R. Wokky: a twisted fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty, where the prince is in an enchanted sleep, an ugly princess must kiss him awake, and the part of the evil fairy is played by a dragon with a guilty conscience. Only together will they be able to save the kingdom from an unknown, deadly enemy.

Dedicated to my grandchildren, Sammy V, Olivia, Brielle, and Allie, who still need a bedtime story from me even when they are far away.

Web serial publishing schedule:  started August 4, 2017 and ongoing.

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 Introduction, Dedication, Blah, Blah.
1: A New Prince is Born

2: What? No Invitation?
3.1 The Name Day Celebration
3.2 The Gifts
3.3 The Dragon’s Curse
4.1 Dragon’s Blood
4.2 The Wizard’s Gift
4.3 More Gifts
5.1 At Last! The Invitation Arrives
5.2 Fritter Visits a Witch
5.3 Fritter Makes a Discovery
5.4 More Invasions
5.5 Fritter sends out an Advertisement
6.1 Eli Overhears an Important Conversation
6.2 Eli Encounters some Opposition
6.3 Eli Hears Another Important Conversation
7.1 Into the Dungeon
7.2 A Visit with the Wizard
7.3 Another Gift
7.4 A Desperate Mission
7.5 In the Weapon Master’s House
8.1 Banished
8.2 The Queen’s Gift
9 Jay Receives Another Invitation
10.1 Another Name Day Goes Wrong
10.2 Flight
10.3 Eli Eavesdrops on Another Conversation
11.1 Princess Janine, Ten Years Later
11.2 A Visit from Queen Persimmon
11.3 Seven Years of Bad Luck
11.4 The Fight
11.5 Punishment
11.6 Zelda’s Revenge
11.7 A Banquet
11.8 The
12.1 At the Kennels
12.2 Paul
12.3 Rescued
12.4 At Old Bob’s House
12.5 Felix Helps Out
12.6 Janine Looks in a Book
12.7 Janine’s Gifts
12.8 Decisions, Decisions
13.1 Meanwhile, Back at the Castle
13.2 Janine Gets Lost Again
13.3 Janine Learns Something Really Creepy
13.4 Down a Secret Passageway
13.5 Butterfingers
13.6 The Royal Family
13.7 Complaints
13.8 Ezra’s Pranks Catch Up To Him
14.1 Strawberry Jam
14.2 Felix’s Story
14.3 At the Border
15.1 A Visit From a Ghost

15.2 Eli Visits the Prisoner
15.3 An Awesome Gift

15.4 Ezra Invents Something New
15.5 An Audience with the King
16.1 Janine Meets The Gingerbread Witch
16.2 Janine to the Rescue
16.3 Tea With the Gingerbread Witch
16.4 Farewell to Granny Connie
17.1 Life in Prison
17.2 A Visit from Eli
17.3 An Unknown Enemy

18.1 Lions and Tigers and… Mome Raths, Oh My!
18.2 Hatching Day
18.3 Janine Uses her Wits to Escape Being Eaten
19 Ezra Invents Something New
20.1 At the Tumtum Tree
20.2 Janine Gets a Surprise
20.3 A Very Welcome Meal
20.4 The Interview
20.5 The Axeman Cometh
20.6 The Jubjub Siblings
20.7 Confrontation
21 Mr. Dumfries Makes a Delivery
21.2 A Time to Leave
21.3 Confession Time
21.4 Oh No! Not another Gift
21.5 Janine Looks for a Job 
22.1 Janine Catches a Ride with Mr. Dumfries
22,2 Janine Meets Fritter
22.3 Fritter Gives an Interview
22.4 The Truth about the Donkey
23.1 Jay Interviews a New Servant
23.2 Life with a Dragon
24.1 Ezra’s Brothers get Bored
24.2 Ezra Protests
24.3 An Unexpected Visitor
25.1 Unwanted Visitors
25.2 Janine is Insulted
25.3 Jay makes a Suggestion
26.1 Bandersnatches
26.2 Eli and his Brothers 
26.3 Eli Protests
26.4 The Heroes Return
27.1 Fritter is Astonished
28.1 Ezra Sneaks Out
28.2 Miracle Mix to the Rescue
28.3 Mr. Dumfries Reveals the Truth
28.4 Eli Confesses
28.5 The Plot Thickens
28.6 True Confessions
28.7 Consequences
28.8 Eli is Banished
29.1 Ezra Makes a Decision
29.2 Butterfingers Helps
29.3 Ezra Prepares to Leave
29.4 Felix Conveys a Favor
30.1 Bandersnatches
30.2 The Battle
31.1 The Great Hero
31.2 A Strange Blue Sword
31.3 A Dinner Guest?
32.1 Lost in the Tulgey Woods… Again
32.2 A Conversation with the Cat
32.3 What Eli Found  
32.4 More Bandersnatches
32.5 Eli’s Second Wish
32.6 Something Terrible Comes
32.7 Safe!
33 The Sleeping Prince 
34.1 A Refuge in the Storm?
34.2 A Meal in the Cave
34.3 Helpless!
34.4 The Truth Revealed
35.1 A Winter Breakfast
35.2 The Sleeping Prince 
35.3 The Jubjub Birds  
36.1 An Unexpected Visitor  
36.2 A Visit from Col and Bee
36.3 The Truth Revealed  
36.4 The Prince’s Curse
36.5 Meanwhile, Back at the Castle    
36.6 Bad News for the King
36.7 Air Mail Delivery
36.8 Queen Natalie Takes Charge
36.9 News about Prince Eli
37.1 What Really Happened to Eli
37.2 Felix Gives some Advice
38.1 Meanwhile, Back at the Dragon’s Cave
38.2 Guests Coming
39.1 A Refuge in the Storm
39.2 Eli Meets the Gingerbread Witch
39.3 The Witch’s Patient
39.4 The Werewolf
39.5 The Play Begins
39.6 Granny, What Big Eyes You Have
39.7 Meals and Deals
39.8 Enchantments in the Tulgey Woods
40.1 Mr. Dumfries Gets an Unexpected Visitor
40.2 The Call to Arms
40.3 Into The Storm
40.4 What Happened at the Castle
40.5 Butterfingers Asks a Question
40.6 Bernie Volunteers
40.7 Butterfingers in the Castle
40.8 The Queen in Danger
40.9 A Conversation with the King
41.1 Beware of Late Night Visitors
41.2 A Hallway of Statues
41.3 Zelda Gets her Revenge
41.4 — The Kiss
41.5 A Temper Tantrum
41.6 Prince Eli meets his Betrothed at Last
41.7 Trapped 
42.1 Under the Mountain
42.2 The Mountain Prince
42.3 Mole
42.4 The Truth about Mole
42.5 Eli’s Last Wish
43.1 Felix to the Rescue
43.2 Preparing for the Play 
43.3 Mr. Dumfries and the Magic Scissors
43.4 What Janine Found in Fritter’s Room
43.5 Sleeping Beauty
43.6 The Fair Princess 
44.1 Another Spell is Broken
44.2 Felix is Given a Challenge
44.3 Felix is Very Brave
44.5 A Promise to the Dragon
44.5 Time to Wake up
44.6 Council of War  
44.7 Three Little Pigs
44.8 Jay to the Rescue
45.1 Strange Allies
45.2 The Princes Repent 
46.1 Miss Pringle gets some Unwelcome Visitors 
46.2 Rescued
46.3 Eli is Trapped  
46.4 Zelda’s Lies
46.6 Eli Gets a Visitor
47.1 The Trouble with Fathers 
47.2 Felix the Hero
47.3 At the Secret Entrance
47.4 Fritter’s Mistake   
47.5 Mr. Dumfries Sets Out
47.6 At the City Gates 
48.1 Mole Talks to the Queen  
48.2 The Real Princess
48.3 The Enemy Revealed
48.4 The Battle Begins
49.1 Felix in Battle
49.2 What Happened to Felix  
49.3 The Troll  
49.4 Mary’s Revenge
49.5 Zelda’s Plan
49.6 Zelda’s Battle
49.7 The End of the Battle
50.1 Reunion
50.2 Bernie  
50.3 Mr. Dumfries says Goodbye  
50.4 The Last Words of King Francis
50.5 Around the Campfire
50.6 Felix Keeps his Promise 
50.7 Eli and Mary
50.8 A Walk in the Moonlight  
50.9 The Beginning of Happily Ever After
Epilogue — What Happened Afterwards

Post Script