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The Magicians of Caprona

Book Review — The Magicians of Caprona, by Diana Wynne Jones
Once again, Diana Wynne Jones has thoroughly impressed me, this time with a wonderful story about a boy who lives in the Italy of one of the Chrestomanci worlds. The only magic Tonino Montana can do is talk to cats, and that is not something highly regarded. His magical family and the horrid Petrocchi family are involved in a generations-long feud, and when armies march on their city, Caprona, threatening it with destruction, the two families can’t stop fighting long enough to do anything about it. It is up to Tonino and his reluctant ally, Angelica Petrocchi, to find the words to the tune about the Angel of Caprona, stop the war, and end the feud.
Diana Wynne Jones did a great job of telling the story through the eyes of Tonino, who sees serious problems through the eyes of a child and goes about solving them in his own way. I really liked Tonino as well as Angelica. I enjoyed the old Italian flavor of the story. As always, I was glad that Chrestomanci was part of this book.  Written for middle grades, the story will appeal to anyone who likes children, magic, and cats.
cover the magicians of caprona

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