Reviews for The Sea Child:

“Carol Nicolas has written a thoroughly entertaining and captivating story. I loved the depth she gave to the characters, the intrigue she wielded so creatively and the mythology of the Selkies. A truly memorable book. I look forward to more from Carol Nicolas with enthusiasm and eagerness.” — Jeannette A. (Five Stars)


“An expertly crafted young adult fantasy mystery, Maddie is an able protagonist set against a complicated web of family, greed, mad science and wonder. A well-written, superbly paced, whodunit. I hope to see more in this series. Highly recommended.” – J. Worthen (Five Stars)


“I really enjoyed reading this story. This was a fun wholesome love story, an exciting mystery, and a fantasy adventure all rolled in to one book. I like how the book wrapped up the story nicely but left some room for the sequels. It left me wanting to learn more about the Selkies and their world…hopefully in the next book.” – Emrazzon (Five Stars)