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Silhouette in Scarlet

Book Review  —  Silhouette in Scarlet, by Elizabeth Peters

Vicky Bliss is bored with her life as an art historian. So when she gets a red rose, a one-way ticket to Stockholm, and a strange message in Latin, Vicky turns detective. She is not sure how to deal with her former lover, the handsome jewel thief, John Smyth, or any of the other men who suddenly become so helpful as she searches for a priceless treasure. When she is invited to a remote island by a distant cousin for a few days, the criminals close in. But more than her life is in danger, and Vicki must unravel the mystery before someone dies.
I thoroughly enjoyed this mystery from Elizabeth Peters. As usual, her main character is strong, intelligent and witty, but she also has faults that make her human and very likeable.  The plot is intriguing, with lots of twists and turns, the characters are interesting, and the settings were lush and beautiful.  I closed the book with a smile.

cover Silhouette in scarlet



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