Book Reviews

Book Review: Dragonhaven, by Robin McKinley

Jake Mendoza lives at the Makepeace Institute of Integrated Dragon Studies in Smokehill National Park. At the institute there are various lizards to show to the tourists who come in by the busload, but they aren’t actual dragons. And then there are the amazing dragons themselves, who rarely show themselves, and who are endangered. When Jake goes out on his first overnight solo hike into the park, he finds a dying mother dragon and rescues one of her babies. The problem is that what he’s done is illegal, and what follows will change not only his life, but the whole world.
I loved this book! You are right there with Jake, feeling his emotions and understanding completely about how overwhelmed he feels, and yet how completely he loves his baby dragon and is dedicated to raising her. As the story unfolds, you care about the dragons and want them to thrive. I’ve reread this book many times. One of my all time favorites. Thank you, Robin McKinley!

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