The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 38.2 — Guests Coming

Ch. 38.2 — Fritter looked up from the letter in his hands. “The last two girls will arrive in about three days.”
“Have that many really been through here?” Janine had lost count after the first hundred.
Fritter grimaced. “Yes, that many. And although Jay appreciates all the gifts — especially the sheep — he is tired of having his lands trampled and people wanting to interview him. Jay wants his privacy back.”
“I can’t say I blame him. It would be nice to have a little peace and quiet around here.”
Janine washed another bowl and wished for the days when there had been just the three of them, or even those days when they had first found Prince Ezra, when she had been able to take care of him herself.
Now there were royal caretakers underfoot, guards at the front door, and everyone needed to be fed. They tramped mud into the caves and left dirty dishes all over the place. Sheets had to be changed, clothing laundered, and animals tended. Janine had never worked so hard in her whole life. “Where are these girls from?”
Janine stopped washing dishes, turned, and stared at him. Fritter did not look happy. “Who are they?”
“Your sister, Zelda, and her maid, Betty.”
Janine’s heart lurched. No, no, no. Not Zelda. “She can’t have him.”
“I’m sorry, Janine, but everyone must be given a chance. Even your sister. This is the prince’s last hope. If it doesn’t work, then we’re done. The girls will go home, and the prince will die.”
“No.” Janine sobbed and fled from the kitchen.

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