The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 26.2 — Eli and his Brothers

Ch. 26.2 — “You’re forgetting a few things,” said Eli. “First of all, who killed these bandersnatches?”
Mark examined the bodies. “It was a clean blow to the neck. My guess is they used an axe. They would have needed great upper body strength to do this. I see no evidence of blood other than what came from the bandersnatches. Whoever did this walked away without any wounds.”
The three brothers looked at each other. “The mad axe-man,” they said together. They looked around them, but the woods were quiet except for the screeching from a flock of Jubjub birds nearby.
Eli continued. “Secondly, the girl and the dragon are both very much alive. What if they come down to the city and tell the truth?”
“The dragon has been holed up for twelve years,” said Matthew. “If he hasn’t come out in all that time, what reason would he have to come now?”
Mark nodded. “And that serving girl is so ugly, people would run screaming if they saw her. No way is she going anywhere.” He chortled.
“About that girl. Guys, do you realize…”
Matthew cut him off. “Did you see how rude she was? Her manners matched her face.” Mark laughed with him.
Eli sighed. His brothers always had been a little thick.

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