The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 26.3 — Eli Protests

Ch 26.3 — Eli wished he’d never come on this expedition. He wished he’d never said anything about the bandersnatches. Now it was too late. “Look, these heads may be similar to a dragon’s head, but they’re not exactly the same. For one thing, they’re smaller, and their skin is red.”
Matthew kicked the severed head and snorted. “Close enough. The dragon hasn’t been seen for twelve years. By now most people have forgotten what a real dragon looks like. It will be fine.”
Mark nodded. “Besides, if there are any sightings, we can just claim that a different dragon has moved in.”
“What about the blood?” said Eli. “Bandersnatch blood isn’t poisonous, but dragon blood is.”
“We’ll bring the head back wrapped in a bag and carried on a pole,” said Matthew. “Then we’ll burn the head in a huge bonfire in the town square, and afterwards we’ll bury it. See? No head, no possibility of anyone examining the skull or blood and finding out the truth.”
Eli thought frantically. “What about the servants? They’re waiting at the bottom of the mountain with the horses. They’ll suspect something.”
Mark looked annoyed. “We’ll make some noise — clash swords, yell, and shake the trees. Or better yet, we’ll capture one of those Jubjub birds and wound it. They make a hideous screech when they’re hurt.”
Eli chewed on his lip. “This is a stupid idea. It’s never going to work. It’s not honest. And besides…”
Matthew slapped him on the back. “Come on, little brother. Think of the glory that awaits us. We’ll be the heroes of the kingdom.”
“And we would have slain the dragon if we could,” said Mark. “Intentions are what matter.”
This had gone too far. Eli took a deep breath and faced Matthew. “No. This is wrong. I won’t agree to it.”
Matthew seized his brother, hauled him off his feet, and glared into his eyes. “Listen to me, shrimp. I’m the crown prince, and you will obey me. And you’ll keep your mouth shut, or else. Got it?”
Eli swallowed hard. Younger brothers of crown princes had been known to disappear before. As in, permanently. As in, dead. Plus, he may have been smarter than his older brothers, but they were a lot bigger. Somehow he’d figure out how to solve this mess later. “Fine. I’ll follow your lead.”
Eli wondered what they’d say if he told them that the girl with the warts all over her face was Princess Janine, supposedly murdered years ago.

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