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Glimmer of Hope

Book Review — Glimmer of Hope, by Sarah M. Eden
Abandoned by her husband, Miranda Harford flees to his English country estate where she struggles with health problems and a broken heart for three long years. When her politically successful, wealthy husband, Carter, shows up at the estate to throw a holiday party, he and Miranda are shocked to see each other. To avoid scandal, they pretend to be a happy couple, but they are both suffering from heartache. Carter’s mother plays to perfection the part of evil step-mother as she makes life unbearable for Miranda. As the unhappy couple begin to talk to each other, it soon becomes apparent that someone has been manipulating them, and nothing about the past is as it seems.
This Regency romance was darker than other books written by Sarah M. Eden, but I enjoyed the unfolding story, which showed just how badly things can go when there is a lack of communication, and when others conspire to drive a couple apart. Never fear, there is a happy ending in store for the main characters.  Glimmer of Hope is definitely worth reading, and YA and Adult audiences will both enjoy it.

cover Glimmer of Hope


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