Personal updates

Bon Voyage

Lately I’ve been spending a great deal of time editing my new book, City of the Giants. (That’s the working title — I still haven’t decided what the final title will be.) I’m very excited to see the end in sight and to get it out there for everyone to read. Yesterday I took a break. My son and I drove down to Provo and helped my daughter to pack and clean her apartment. She and her husband are getting ready to move down to California where he will start graduate school. We had a good day together. It was hot, and we got dirty and sweaty as we cleaned the oven, washed walls, hauled boxes to the car, etc. But when you are helping someone, the work feels worthwhile. At lunch time, we met up with my niece and her husband, who are visiting here from Canada. We enjoyed lots of varieties of pizza as we talked together. Then it was back to work, cleaning out cupboards and packing dishes. When it was time to say goodbye, I couldn’t help but cry. I am glad for this wonderful opportunity that my son-in-law has for schooling, and it will be an amazing adventure for them, but I will really miss my daughter. In the past few years, we have formed a close friendship. I have seen her blossom from a shy, unhappy teenager into a beautiful young woman who is calm, centered, and confident. I so enjoy talking to her and sharing ideas on art, books, music, and the world. She thinks deeply about things, and her insights are perceptive and at times profound.  She is a gentle soul with a great capacity for love. I am grateful for modern technology that will help us to keep in touch. Bon voyage, dear heart!



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