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My Favorite 25 Books of the Year

As I looked over my Goodreads list for the past year, I realized that I have read a LOT of books (over a hundred… and that’s only the ones I recorded).  I’ve enjoyed many wonderful stories from different genres, though I tend to read mostly Young Adult.  Some books didn’t make it on the Goodreads list at all, either because I’m rereading them (something I tend to do with my favorites), or I’m still reading them, or they were boring or poorly written.
Here is a list of my very favorite books for the year, in reverse order of being read.  These books are very different from each other, and I gave them five stars for different reasons, but all of them are well written, unique, and they touched something inside me. Thank you to all the authors who bring so much enjoyment into my life.

The Real Boy — Anne Ursu
Elantris — Brandon Sanderson
Warbreaker — Brandon Sanderson
City of Bones — Cassandra Clare
The Blue Castle — L.M. Montgomery
Drawing out the Dragons — James Owen
Goodnight, Mr. Holmes — Carole Nelson Douglas
Shadows — Robin McKinley
Jacob Have I Loved — Katherine Paterson
The Chance — Karen Kingsbury
The Silent Cry — Anne Perry
Not My Type — Melanie Jacobson
Things that Are — Andrew Clements
Heart Like Mine — Amy Hatvay
Partials — Dan Wells
Beautiful Creatures — Kami Garcia
Miss Grimsley’s Oxford Career — Carla Kelly
A Circle of Quiet — Madeleine L’Engle
You Are Here — Jennifer E. Smith
Fire Country — David Estes
Cinder — Marissa Meyer
Hidden in Dreams — Davis Bunn
Through the Ever Night — Veronica Rossi
Salvation — Anne Osterlund
Nobody — Jennifer Lynn Barnes


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