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A Girl Named Digit

“On the morning of my kidnapping, my mom’s makeup was perfect.”  So begins the hilarious story of math genius Farrah Higgins, who is a senior in high school and more than anything wants to blend in with the crowd. “Digit” hides her abilities and slides through high school life pretending to be just like everyone else.  The facade begins to crack when one night while watching a popular show with her friends, Digit sees a series of numbers on the bottom of the screen.  This is repeated two more weeks, and when a plane is bombed at JFK airport, Digit realizes that if she had been paying attention and using her skills, she could have saved lives.  She takes her findings to the FBI and ends up at the ‘Fruitcake Room’ where young language genius John Bennett gives her a barely polite shove out the door.  So she goes to the television studio to talk to the person in charge of the show.  Suddenly a sinister man is chasing her.  By coincidence Digit takes the wrong road and ends up back at the FBI building, where she gets herself handcuffed and brought in.  When she and John look at the video log, they find that Digit is being chased by a murderous eco-terrorist organization.  Her life is in danger.  Digit and her new crush, John Bennett, must work through the clues to figure out where and when the terrorists will strike again, all the while staying one step ahead of the bad guys.

Annabel Monaghan did a great job on this book.  I love a story where the main characters are really intelligent, but must still learn and grow in other areas.  Digit’s zany personality is adorable, her mathematical abilities are fascinating, the budding romance between Digit and John keeps you guessing, and the story is fast paced, with plenty of humor.  The situation is improbable, and the romance would never have happened in the real world, but I didn’t care.  I wanted to escape into a fun story, and thanks to Annabel Monghan’s talents, I succeeded.  This is definitely a good read.  The story continues in Double Digit, which comes out on January 7th.  I can hardly wait!

A Girl Named Digit Cover

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