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Fitness Update

How is my diet going? Well, it would be going great, except that food keeps getting in the way. Like that big Greek Easter dinner we ate on Sunday — absolutely fantastic, with roast lamb, spanakopita, stuffed grape leaves, Greek village salad, roasted red potatoes… and for dessert, baklava and galactoburiko (which if you’ve never had, is incredible). By the time I’d entered all the food for the day into my handy-dandy fitness website, I realized that I’d eaten the equivalent of a whole other day’s food in one meal! AAAAH! (Καλό Πάσχα or Kalo Paska, by the way, to all my Greek friends). This fitness website is kind of like one of those brutally honest friends that you don’t call very often. After I enter in the day’s food totals and amount I exercised (or didn’t), its says uplifting things like “If you keep eating like this, you will weigh 300 pounds in less than two months.” Gahhh! So this past week, I ate less and exercised like crazy. Almost everyday I threw a movie into the DVD player or put on a loud, fast-paced CD, and “ran” — if you can call what you do on an elliptical running. It’s supposed to be easier on the knees anyway. It sure works up a sweat. Does this mean I can eat that last piece of baklava? Nooo. Be strong! I know, I just won’t tell my fitness pal about that chocolate dessert I’m making for tonight. After all, there aren’t any calories in chocolate… are there?

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