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I Eat Books

I eat books. For breakfast, along with my cereal, fruit, and milk, I eat the bread of life found in the scriptures. For lunch, along with a peanut butter and jam sandwich, I’ll add a chapter or so of Harry Potter, or perhaps a chunk of the Dead Sea Scrolls (in English). Afternoons, I need… Continue reading I Eat Books

Personal updates


Last night at Greek class, our teacher was taking words apart and explaining their origins and meanings. I always find this fascinating. Language is a fluid, growing thing. A word is not just a word. With twenty-six letters in the English language and millions of combinations of said letters, we form countless words and ideas… Continue reading Truth

Personal updates

Fitness Update

How is my diet going? Well, it would be going great, except that food keeps getting in the way. Like that big Greek Easter dinner we ate on Sunday -- absolutely fantastic, with roast lamb, spanakopita, stuffed grape leaves, Greek village salad, roasted red potatoes... and for dessert, baklava and galactoburiko (which if you’ve never… Continue reading Fitness Update

Personal updates

My Big Fat Greek Easter Feast

Yesterday we got together with family and celebrated Easter.   Not only did we feast our souls on uplifting messages and joyous music, we got to eat our Big Fat Greek Easter Feast.  (Forget the diet for one day.  I lost track of calories after the first three thousand.)  My husband’s grandfather brought his family’s favorite… Continue reading My Big Fat Greek Easter Feast