The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 32.7 — Safe!

Ch. 32.7 — Old Bob yanked Eli off the path. The cat sailed over their heads, and they somersaulted into the brush. Eli sat up in time to see the bandersnatches screech in terror as they were pulled under a foaming sea of green lizards. Then they were gone.
Eli wrapped his arms around a tree trunk and hung on tight as the raths rumbled by like a giant green wave containing hundreds of mouths with gnashing teeth. In a few moments it was over. The last of the raths passed by, leaving a wide path of churned-up brown dirt behind them.
Gradually the rumbling faded into the distance. The sun came out. Birds began to chirp once more.
Eli sank down against the tree, gasping. Then he started to laugh. He felt weak all over, like a noodle that has been cooked too long.
Old Bob held out a hand and pulled Eli to his feet. Felix began to wash the dirt from his fur.
“You saved my life,” said Old Bob. “I am in your debt.”
Eli rubbed the sweat from his face with a sleeve. “If you hadn’t helped me back there, I’d be dead too, so I think we’re even.”
Old Bob shook his head. “You sacrificed your wish and freed me. You showed great courage. Ask what you will of me.”
Eli tried to get his thoughts in order. “Well, I am trying to go to Saltonia so I can meet my betrothed. Can you help me?”
The cat hissed. “The Princess Zelda Mary of Saltonia.”
“Do not marry Zelda,” said Old Bob. “Just as you ran in terror today from the raths, run from her. A fate worse than death awaits you if you meet her.”
Eli swallowed hard as alarm ran through him. “How do you know?”
Old Bob opened and closed his mouth as if struggling to bring out the words. “Sorry, but I cannot say.”
“Can’t or won’t?”
“Can’t.” Old Bob studied Eli and then turned to the cat. “Felix, sneak him into Saltonia and show him the truth. Then bring him back. We’ll meet up at Connie’s.”
The cat shuddered. “Very well.”
“Go in disguise, Prince Eli,” said Old Bob. “Let no one know your true identity. Use your mind and your gifts to stay safe and learn the truth, but do not use your last wish except in direst need.”
“Thank you, sir.” Eli bowed to the old man. Then he followed the cat back the way they’d come. He really hoped his horse was still alive, and that he wouldn’t have to hunt all over the forest to find him.

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