The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B.R. Wokky Ch. 4.2 — The Wizard’s Gift

Ch. 4.2 — Wizard Colin knelt beside the boys, laid his staff on the floor, and opened his satchel. He put on some white gloves, took out a blue washcloth, and began to gently clean the blood from the children’s skin.
To Eli’s surprise, as soon as the washcloth touched his burning skin, the pain went away, and the bubbling stopped. Soon baby Ezra stopped crying. When all the blood had been wiped off their skin and tattered clothing, Wizard Colin opened a jar of salve and spread it on their burns.
“How does that feel?” he asked Eli.
“It feels cold.” Eli looked in wonder at his arms and hands. “I’m all better. Thank you.”
Wizard Colin smiled at Eli. “You’re a very brave boy.”
The king and queen crowded near, and the people around them gasped and whispered to each other. “It’s a miracle!” someone said. “They’re completely healed.” Someone else began to cheer.
“You’ve saved my babies!” The queen gathered both boys up onto her lap, wrapped them in a cloak, and hugged them. “Thank you so much.” Tears ran down her cheeks.
“Wait a minute,” said the king. “The baby still has a scratch on his face. And his eye… what’s wrong with his left eye? I thought your magic salve cured them.”
Wizard Colin put his magic salve, washcloth, and gloves back into his satchel, picked up his staff, and slowly stood up. He sighed. “I’m very sorry, your Highness. Your sons will recover from the burns, but I can’t restore the baby’s eyesight.”
The king scowled at him. “Why not?” he thundered. “You knew the antidote for the dragon blood.”
“His eyeball has been scratched by a dragon claw. That’s not something you recover from.”
Timora, the Fey Queen, nodded. “And don’t forget the dragon’s curse. Poor little Ezra is going to die by the sword when he’s sixteen years old.”
Queen Natalie began to sob. “Can’t anything be done?”

Ch. 4.3 — More Gifts
The king turned to the other magical people to come forward. “Please, can any of you do something for my son?”
After examining the baby’s wound, they all sadly shook their heads. None of them had the power to heal the prince’s eye or to overcome the dragon’s curse.
“This is an outrage!” The king turned back to Wizard Colin. “What kind of wizard are you, anyway? Do something.”
A red haired woman came and stood beside the wizard. “Your Majesty, there were only eight gifts given to Prince Ezra.”
“Wizard Colin and I have not yet pronounced our gifts for the baby.”
The king tugged on his beard and frowned. “Who are you again?”
“I am Bernice.”
The king’s advisor leaned over and whispered to the king. “She’s here representing the witches. She and Wizard Colin didn’t get a chance to give their gifts to the new prince.”
“Well,” said King Frances. “If you can give us any hope, now would be a good time.”
Bernice nodded to Wizard Colin. “Go ahead.”
The wizard stepped forward. “I cannot take away the dragon’s curse, but I can soften it.” He bowed his head for a moment, and then turned and touched the baby’s head. “To Prince Ezra, I give this gift. With his right eye, he will have excellent vision, and with his left eye, he will see what no one else sees.”
“You mean he’ll see things that aren’t there?” The king yelled. “What kind of gift is that?”
Wizard Colin sniffed, offended. “I didn’t say he would see things that aren’t there. I said he would see what no one else sees.”
The king was in no mood for riddles. His new baby son had been wounded, and he wanted solutions. He wanted answers. He wanted a Cure. King Frances scowled at the wizard.
Before the king could lose his temper, Bernice stepped forward and curtsied. “Your Majesty, I will now give my gift to Prince Ezra.”
She touched the baby’s curls. “The prince will not die. Instead, the sword which smites him will only wound him. He will be sent into an enchanted sleep until he is awakened by the kiss of a fair maiden. It will be true love’s kiss.” She beamed at the king.
Now the king did lose his temper. “What?” he yelled. “Enchanted sleep? A kiss from a girl?”
“Now, dear,” said Queen Natalie, “she was only trying to help.”
“I’ve had enough,” the king roared. “Guards, arrest these two! Take them to the dungeon.”
The guards seized them, took the wizard’s staff and satchel, and dragged them off the stage.
Eli waited for the wizard and witch to use their magic to get away, but they did nothing. They allowed the guards to hustle them into the castle.
Eli frowned. “Mama, why is Papa so mad? Wizard Colin just saved our lives.”
Queen Natalie sighed. “Your father has had a very trying day.” She looked up at her other children, who were gathered around her. “These two need to change clothes. Let’s go inside.”
The festivities were over. The people went back to their homes and talked about everything that had happened. The servants worked hard to clean up the mess the dragon had left. The royal family went back into the castle for some time to privately mourn, and Eli proudly carried his little brother all the way to the royal nursery.

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