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Braced To Bite

I was in the library the other day and picked up Braced To Bite, by Serena Robar, from the YA section.   Colby Blanchard is a Type A personality with a little OCD thrown in.  She’s a cheerleader, bossy, determined to be Homecoming Queen, planning to ace college, and a little arrogant too… until she is bitten by a rogue vampire and turned into a half-vampire who needs blood to survive.  Unfortunately her fangs won’t grow:  her canines were removed when she was preparing for braces.  Everything in her life is in upheaval — school, friends, and family.  The vampire who bit her wants her to join him, but he is really creepy and she’d rather not.  And then she is visited by representatives of the Vampire Tribunal who will determine if her life is to be spared… or not.  But Colby refuses to give up.  Supported by unlikely friends and a loving family, Colby is determined to use all her wits and resources to stay alive and come out on top.
This book was really fun! It was a fast, clean read with a unique twist, refreshingly different from the usual vampire love stories.  I loved Colby’s brash and witty personality, and the creativity she and her family used to solve her problems.  I’m looking forward to reading the other books in the series.

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