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Book Review — Dogsbody by Diana Wynne Jones
The Dog Star, Sirius, is falsely accused of murder. His sentence is to be reborn on earth as a dog until he can redeem himself by finding the Zoi. Unfortunately, Sirius (or Leo as he is now known) has no idea what a Zoi is or how to find it. All he has is the body and senses of a dog, the love of a mistreated little girl, and the eventual friendship of a cat, an elderly lady, and his litter mates. The woman who owns him despises him, the police are after him, and worst of all, Dark powers are trying to kill him. His quest seems hopeless until Sun, Moon, and Earth step in to help. Along the way, Sirius learns how to love. I enjoyed the fantasy setting of this beautifully told story, which reveals the interesting personalities and tender feelings of the main characters as well as an intimate knowledge and love of dogs. Diana Wynne Jones has created a wonderful story that will be enjoyed not just by children, but by anyone who has ever loved a dog or enjoyed opening a book and stepping into the world of ‘What If.’

cover Dogsbody



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