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Book Review – Mistborn, by Brandon Sanderson

Book Review: Mistborn -- by Brandon Sanderson -- Vin is a skaa, doomed to scrounge and steal for her next meal, never certain if she’ll live another day. She lives in a world where the sun is red, ash falls continuously, mists invade nightly, and very few remember when plants were green. Vin has one… Continue reading Book Review – Mistborn, by Brandon Sanderson

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Writers are Everywhere

Last month I was in LaVerkin, a very small town in southern Uah -- not a place you would expect to meet fellow writers.  My husband and I went to our friends' house to visit, and to my surprise, a writers' group meeting was about to take place at their house.  Our friends' daughter and… Continue reading Writers are Everywhere

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I stayed up really late last night to finish Warbreaker, by Brandon Sanderson.  This book was incredible!  If you’ve read any of his other books, you know that Brandon’s world building is amazingly rich and complex.  He does this by weaving the details of his carefully constructed fantasy world into the story, gradually revealing a… Continue reading Warbreaker