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Book Review: The Traitor’s Son

Fifteen-year-old Lasgol lives a hard life in a small village in the snowy north. He is hated and persecuted because his father, a Ranger, (one of the elite guards of the king and a protector of the realm) betrayed the king and tried to murder him. Lasgol believes his father is innocent, but he has… Continue reading Book Review: The Traitor’s Son

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Shadow and Bone

Book Review: Shadow and Bone, by Leigh Bardugo Life has been hard for Alina Starkov, but until recently she has always been able to count on her best friend, Malyen Oretsev. Teen-aged orphans in the war-torn country of Ravka, she and Mal now serve in the army, which consists of regular troops and people with… Continue reading Shadow and Bone

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Cesar’s Way

Cesar's Way -- by Cesar Millan, with Melissa Jo Peltier:  This is an excellent book on understanding dogs and how to correct their behavior problems. Cesar Millan has a natural gift and rapport with dogs, and his love for them shows throughout the pages of this book. He does a lot of work with problem… Continue reading Cesar’s Way

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A New Puppy

On Saturday, we drove up to Idaho and picked up our new puppy.  Rocky is a West Highland Terrier, and he is so cute!  His fur is all white, the top coat wiry and the undercoat soft as down.  His eyes are like little black buttons, and they sparkle with mischief.  When he chases a… Continue reading A New Puppy

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In Between the Scenes

As I read a series of books about the same character, I often find myself wondering what happens in between the crises that they find themselves in. I mean, I know that to make a book exciting, your main character has to be confronted with a problem, and the story is about how they solve… Continue reading In Between the Scenes