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Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 22.2 — Janine Meets Fritter

Ch. 22.2 -- The wheels of the cart creaked as they crept up the steep road that corkscrewed back and forth up into the mountains. Janine felt sorry for the little donkey that had to pull such a heavy load, so she got out and walked beside him. Sometimes she pushed the mail cart from… Continue reading Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 22.2 — Janine Meets Fritter

Book Reviews

Fifteen Minutes

Fifteen Minutes, by Karen Kingsbury, caused me to think deeply.  Zack Dylan is a talented singer and songwriter who promises that nothing can change his devotion to God, family, and his girlfriend. But when he leaves his home on a Kentucky horse farm to compete on the reality TV show Fifteen Minutes, he has no… Continue reading Fifteen Minutes

Personal updates

Space, the Final Frontier

This past weekend we went to see Gravity.  I really enjoyed the movie, and Sandra Bullock did an amazing job.  The movie reminded me of a family vacation to the Cape Kennedy Space Center where we saw the relics of the space program.  I was amazed at how flimsy everything looked.  We sent them out… Continue reading Space, the Final Frontier