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Summer Fun

My house is full of people. My sister K and her friend A are here, visiting from Canada. Also, my daughter M and her husband are here from Missouri, and my other daughter L and her husband are coming tonight.  We’ve had lot of fun this past week. Meals have lasted longer because everyone is… Continue reading Summer Fun

Personal updates


I normally hate shopping. I procrastinate going to the store (with the exception of bookstores) until I absolutely have to. I complain about the crowds, the high prices, the closed-in smell, and the fluorescent lights. But lately I’ve seen that shopping can actually be fun. While in Calgary, my sisters, niece, and I went shopping… Continue reading Shopping

Personal updates

Oh, Canada!

I'm in Alberta, Canada for my nephew's wedding on Saturday. So far I've managed to pack a couple of month's activities into four days. I've cleaned house, gone shopping (have you ever put 8 huge cans of tropical fruit salad in your shopping cart?), created an outdoor patio garden in blue glazed pots and transplanted… Continue reading Oh, Canada!