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Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 36.3 — The Truth Revealed

CH. 36.3 -- Dinner was torture. While Bee and Col exclaimed over the tender roasted sheep, baked potatoes with sour cream, and green beans, Janine pushed the food around on her plate. At last everyone else leaned back, sighing. “Delicious dinner, as always.” Jay patted his mouth with a napkin the size of a sheet.… Continue reading Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 36.3 — The Truth Revealed

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Kisses in the Rain

Book Review: Kisses in the Rain, by Krista Lynne Jensen: After a car accident claims her fiancé and her most recent memories, Georgie Tate moves in with her aunts, who live on a small island outside Seattle. She begins to reshape her life as she struggles with the knowledge that something bad happened, and she… Continue reading Kisses in the Rain