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Painting Kisses

Book Review – Painting Kisses, by Melanie Jacobson After her divorce, famous artist Lia Carswell throws away her brushes, paints, and canvases, and she flees from New York to the mountains of Utah. There she invents a simpler life by changing her name, waitressing in a small diner, and helping to care for her sweet… Continue reading Painting Kisses

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The Humming Room

Book Review: The Humming Room - by Ellen Potter When Roo Fanshaw’s parents are murdered, she is sent to live with her reclusive uncle on Cough Rock Island. She was raised without love, and she doesn’t expect any when she arrives at her isolated, forbidding new home, which was once a sanitarium for children with… Continue reading The Humming Room

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Puppy Update

I think I've been having puppy postpartum blues.  I admit my expectations were completely unrealistic.  When I dreamed of having a dog, I imagined this cute little dog who would curl up at my feet and keep me company while I wrote.  Instead I got Jaws with ADHD.  We've definitely had a 'rocky' beginning.  The… Continue reading Puppy Update

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The Blue Castle

I recently read The Blue Castle, by L.M. Montgomery.  If you are familiar with the Anne of Green Gables novels, then you know how beautifully Lucy wrote.  Her descriptions are scrumptious.  Her characters are lovable, amusing, and very well-drawn.  By the end of the story, the main character has become your life-long friend, and you… Continue reading The Blue Castle

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Peace in the Garden

When I was little, my grandmother wrote to me.  I was so excited to be the recipient of letters from the most wonderful person in the world.  These were simple, hand-printed letters that described the flowers, trees, grass, and birds in her garden.  At the time I was puzzled by her obsession with gardening, and… Continue reading Peace in the Garden

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To See the Sea

I have always been fascinated by water.  When I was three, my sisters and I would put on our bathing suits, go outside, and dance in the rain.  A little older, we’d walk many blocks to the city swimming pool, where for a quarter we could swim all day.  I loved going to Pine Lake,… Continue reading To See the Sea

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A Special Place

Do you have a special place?  Madeleine L’Engle’s is a spot by a brook, out past the lawn, trees, stone wall, and apple trees on her Crosswicks property.  “Ontology:  the word about the essence of things; the word about being.  I go to the brook because I get out of being, out of the essential. … Continue reading A Special Place