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Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 15.4 — Ezra Invents Something New

CH. 15.3 -- Ezra stared out the window at the green, leafy maze on the south side of the gardens. On a grassy hill in the center of the maze was a giant sundial, built by his great-grandfather. Ezra shook his head. The slithy toves had just about eaten all the limestone beneath the sundial.… Continue reading Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 15.4 — Ezra Invents Something New

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Stories from a Father

When my sister and I moved to our new foster home, we had no idea how much our lives would change. We came with a lot of problems that stemmed from the destructive home life we had survived. Now we were finally in a stable environment with a family that loved each other and extended… Continue reading Stories from a Father

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The Lilac Tree

Mum loved Spring:  the warming of the earth, how green crept over the land and daffodils nodded their cheerful heads in the chilly winds.  She was the first to point out the return of the robins, and she always had a garden with both flowers and vegetables.  Her yard always had a lilac tree growing… Continue reading The Lilac Tree

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The Best Gift

One of the best gifts we received this Christmas was from my husband’s mother.  She wrote her life story, inserted photographs, had it printed and bound, and gave it to each of her children and grandchildren.  Amid all the wrapping paper, bows, and still-unopened presents, we sat and read her book.  I was deeply touched… Continue reading The Best Gift

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Another Mother’s Day tribute

Mother's Day is always a tough day to get through. It's kind of like going to a funeral, where you talk about all the wonderful qualities this person had but ignore all the bad or negative things about them. People get up in church and talk about the ideal mother and how wonderful their mother… Continue reading Another Mother’s Day tribute

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Remembering Mom

Thunder and lightning and rain, oh my! Storms like these remind me of the stories Mom used to tell me and my sisters when we were little. Really, the thunder happened because the giants in the sky were bowling, and the lightning was when they got a strike. Rain happened when the old giant emptied… Continue reading Remembering Mom