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A few nights ago, we went to see Cinderella. What a beautiful movie! The settings and costumes were stunning, rich with color and detail. The acting was good, and I absolutely loved the music. Though Ever After (1998) remains my favorite retelling, I enjoyed this version, even if the prince (Richard Madden) was a little… Continue reading Cinderella

Book Reviews

Back By Sunrise

Book Review:  Back by Sunrise, by Justin Sloan When Brooke’s dad is deployed and later killed in action, she and her family must deal with their grief. Brooke can’t understand why her dad had to leave. But then she finds a magic necklace that her dad left her. When she puts on the necklace, Brooke… Continue reading Back By Sunrise

Personal updates

Autumn Beauty

Yesterday I helped with another field trip out at the Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve.  As we stood on top of the Tower and looked out over the marsh, I was impressed with how much the wetlands have changed, and how each season brings its own beauty.  Just a few short weeks ago, the marsh… Continue reading Autumn Beauty