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Jay B. R. Wokky Ch 24.3 — An Unexpected Visitor

Ch. 24.3 -- Ezra barely noticed when Franklin delivered his lunch on a silver tray and then shut the door. He continued to pace back and forth, worrying. Would Butterfingers find the note he had left in the secret passage? Would Fritter heed his warning? Would any of his efforts help? Ezra’s two oldest brothers… Continue reading Jay B. R. Wokky Ch 24.3 — An Unexpected Visitor

Personal updates

Fortune Cookies

Today we went out for lunch at a popular Chinese food place.  As usual, I looked forward to breaking open my fortune cookie and reading my fortune.  Unfortunately, it wasn't a fortune.  This seems to be happening more and more lately.  I suppose there might be some who take these fortunes literally, but to me… Continue reading Fortune Cookies