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Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 40.1 — Mr. Dumfries Gets an Unexpected Visitor

CH. 40.1 – Josiah T. Dumfries the Eleventh sat in his rocking chair and stared into the fireplace. He should have been happy. The wood crackled, the flames danced, and the room was warm and cozy. A mug of steaming tea sat on the side table. He was retired now, with a decent pension. His… Continue reading Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 40.1 — Mr. Dumfries Gets an Unexpected Visitor

Book Reviews

David: The Unseen

Book Review: David (Book 3 in the Unseen series), by Johnny Worthen: I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this series.  Eleanor was amazing, and Celeste was a heart-wrenching, action-packed cliffhanger (Ahhh!), so I have waited impatiently for David to come out.  This third and final book did not disappoint me. After assuming the shape of a… Continue reading David: The Unseen

Book Reviews

Little Mercies

Book Review: Little Mercies - by Heather Gudenkauf Ellen Moore is an experienced social worker who is dedicated to helping abused and neglected children. She is a devoted mother and wife, and life is good. But one terrible summer day, because of a miscommunication, her baby is left in her fatally hot car. Ellen is… Continue reading Little Mercies

Personal updates

Off to School

Every year we mothers face the dreaded first day of school.  This year it happened for the last time:  yesterday we took our youngest son to college.  It was a long, exhausting day divided between the university, his new apartment, the bank, MacDonalds, and a number of stores.  That didn't include the 'Welcome to College'… Continue reading Off to School

Personal updates

I See You

I just finished reading Nobody, by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. Wow. I couldn't put it down. Not only was it an interesting story with strong characters and a good ending, but it was a fascinating look at the human psyche, and how we form our identities as human beings. Do we really look at each other,… Continue reading I See You