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Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 50.1 — Reunion

Ch. 50.1 – Eli pushed through the rejoicing throngs and raced back outside, searching for his brothers. He was looking for giant boars, but what he saw were two large human men coming towards him, dressed in rags. Even with their long, tangled hair and beards, he recognized them. His brothers’ faces lit up when they… Continue reading Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 50.1 — Reunion

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Love is Spoken Here

What a week it has been -- filled with excitement, hard work, laughter, tears, and love. I was able to spend quality time with my sisters as we shared our hopes, dreams and thoughts with each other. Each of my amazing sisters has found ways to shine. Beryl is optimistic, kind and creative, with a… Continue reading Love is Spoken Here

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Merry Christmas to All…

This is a season filled with happy memories and enjoyable experiences as families gather, special foods are eaten, gifts are exchanged, and songs are sung. It can also be a time of poignant memories, loneliness and sorrow. Sometimes we don't get to be with the ones we love. But whatever our circumstances, we can reach out… Continue reading Merry Christmas to All…

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Peace in the Garden

When I was little, my grandmother wrote to me.  I was so excited to be the recipient of letters from the most wonderful person in the world.  These were simple, hand-printed letters that described the flowers, trees, grass, and birds in her garden.  At the time I was puzzled by her obsession with gardening, and… Continue reading Peace in the Garden

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Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband for 32 years of adventure, love, and laughter. One of the most important things we've learned is to have a sense of humor. After our wedding in Alberta, Canada, we were driving down to Sam's parent's house in California, when we noticed smoke billowing out of the trunk. We… Continue reading Happy Anniversary

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Farewell to Alberta

This has been a vacation that will be remembered with great fondness. I was able to spend time with each of my dear sisters as well as some of my nieces and nephews. I enjoyed listening to my nephew play the organ. I was thrilled to watch my third oldest sister perform in the Cowboy… Continue reading Farewell to Alberta

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Oh, Canada!

I'm in Alberta, Canada for my nephew's wedding on Saturday. So far I've managed to pack a couple of month's activities into four days. I've cleaned house, gone shopping (have you ever put 8 huge cans of tropical fruit salad in your shopping cart?), created an outdoor patio garden in blue glazed pots and transplanted… Continue reading Oh, Canada!

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A Special Place

Do you have a special place?  Madeleine L’Engle’s is a spot by a brook, out past the lawn, trees, stone wall, and apple trees on her Crosswicks property.  “Ontology:  the word about the essence of things; the word about being.  I go to the brook because I get out of being, out of the essential. … Continue reading A Special Place

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The Joy of Creating

People have an inborn need to create. It’s not about how much money you can make from it or how good at it you are, you just HAVE to do it. You have a driving NEED to paint that painting, or play that song, or write that story, or decorate that cake, or grow beautiful… Continue reading The Joy of Creating