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Jay B. R. Wokky — Ch. 41.6 — Prince Eli Meets his Betrothed at Last

Ch. 41.6 -- Janine reached the front hallway just as the front door opened. A single candle flickered from the lantern which hung high above the door, revealing a man dusted in snow. He entered the cave, leading a horse, then shut the door. The horse put his head down, blowing hard. Prince Eli stamped… Continue reading Jay B. R. Wokky — Ch. 41.6 — Prince Eli Meets his Betrothed at Last

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Book Review: Born of Illusion

Book Review: Born of Illusion -- by Teri Brown. Sixteen-year-old Anna Van Housen has led an unusual life. She grew up in the circus, learning to be an expert in the art of magical illusion. Now she is her mother’s assistant in her stage show as a medium and mentalist, as well as at illegal,… Continue reading Book Review: Born of Illusion

Book Reviews

Book Review: Pimpernel: Royal Ball

Pimpernel: Royal Ball – by Sheralyn Pratt -- Five Stars Wow, I mean wow. Sheralyn Pratt’s books keep getting better. I read all of the Rhea Jensen series and loved them. Pimpernel is the first book in this series, where much more is revealed about the world in which the characters live and who they… Continue reading Book Review: Pimpernel: Royal Ball

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Isabella Rockwell’s War

  I received this book from the author and have done an honest review.  See my Goodreads review here. What would you do if faced with Isabella Rockwell's problems? Isabella is only twelve years old when her life falls apart. Her parents are dead, her beloved caretaker dies of cholera, and she is sent away… Continue reading Isabella Rockwell’s War