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Read to Children

I have been tutoring two students since the fall, using the Star reading program.  Each day we meet, they work hard at reading, decoding, and learning the phonics skills they need in order to be good readers.  It has been very gratifying to watch them go from barely able to read to being able to… Continue reading Read to Children

Book Reviews

Rose Daughter

Last night I finished rereading Rose Daughter by Robin McKinley, which is a gorgeous retelling of Beauty and the Beast.  Actually, this is Robin’s second version of Beauty and the Beast.  I read the first one, Beauty, when it was first published in 1978, and I absolutely loved it.  I’ve reread it so many times… Continue reading Rose Daughter

Personal updates


Where Do Characters Come From? One of the most exciting things about being a writer is creating the characters. Some characters are carefully planned -- their strengths, their weaknesses, their physical appearance -- based on what your story needs. Some come from dreams. C.S. Lewis had a dream about a faun wearing a scarf, carrying… Continue reading Characters