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Book Review: The Book of Three

Taran is an assistant pig keeper, but he dreams of leaving the farm, wearing a sword, and becoming a great hero. One day Hen Wen, the oracular pig, escapes her pen, and Taran chases after her. Thus his adventure begins. On the way he will confront the evil Horned King, find unusual friends, including a… Continue reading Book Review: The Book of Three

Book Reviews

Celia and the Wolf

Book Review:  Celia and the Wolf, by Donna Maloy. Celia’s father has warned her repeatedly that her true nature as a shapeshifter is to be kept hidden. But normal life in 1806 England is so boring. A fourteen-year old young lady is supposed to sit still, be pretty, embroider, and act refined. Celia dreams of… Continue reading Celia and the Wolf

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It's so cold out there!  I wish I could stay inside by the fire with some hot chocolate and a good book.  If you are looking for something to read, try Heartland, by Davis Bunn. Cowboy JayJay Parsons has no idea is going on.  One moment he is on a bus heading to California, and… Continue reading Heartland