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Jay B.R.Wokky Ch. 10.2 — Flight

Ch 10.2 --  Wizard Colin grabbed Bernice’s hand and waved his free hand over both of them. “Illusium.” Both of them vanished. Colin and Bernice fled past the angry king and the screaming queen, dodged the milling guests and soldiers, and hurried from the platform. They pushed their way through the crowd and made it… Continue reading Jay B.R.Wokky Ch. 10.2 — Flight

Personal updates

Canada Geese

On Saturday we parked by a large pond where  a variety of geese and ducks had congregated.  I was especially glad to see the Canada Geese grazing along the slowly greening slope above the pond.  Something about the Canada Geese stirs my heart.  Is it that they originate in my native land?  Is it admiration… Continue reading Canada Geese