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Cesar’s Way

Cesar's Way -- by Cesar Millan, with Melissa Jo Peltier:  This is an excellent book on understanding dogs and how to correct their behavior problems. Cesar Millan has a natural gift and rapport with dogs, and his love for them shows throughout the pages of this book. He does a lot of work with problem… Continue reading Cesar’s Way

Personal updates

Puppy Update

Today I thought I’d give you another puppy update. Rocky (a West Highland Terrier) is now seven and a half months old. He’s over the biting stage, and he now goes to the door and barks to go outside and pee. Yeah!!!! You can’t believe how happy I am about that! He knows quite a… Continue reading Puppy Update

Personal updates

The Perfect Dog

We had five small children when my husband agreed that it was time to get a dog.  I immediately went to the library and began to research breeds.  My ideal dog had to be intelligent, easy to train, medium energy level, friendly, and most important, good with children.  After hours of reading, jotting notes, and… Continue reading The Perfect Dog