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An Interview with The Newest Novelist

Marianne Leininger was kind enough to interview me on her website, The Newest Novelist, about my new book, Double Play: A Novel of Magic.  Check it out! Thank you, Marianne!  

Book Reviews

Cat Girl’s Day Off

Book Review: Cat Girl’s Day Off -- by Kimberley Pauley This book was hilarious! I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. Set in a modern day Chicago where people have important Talents (superpowers), teen Natalie Ng (pronounced ‘Ing’) only has the embarrassing talent of being able to talk to cats, and she doesn’t… Continue reading Cat Girl’s Day Off

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August is Utah Book Month

August is Utah Book Month.  I am having a wonderful time getting to know the authors and bloggers in Utah.  I am excited to feature several people this month here on my blog.  Check out this website for details:  Utah Books  So sit back in your lawn chair, sip your lemonade, and pick up a… Continue reading August is Utah Book Month