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Back By Sunrise

Book Review:  Back by Sunrise, by Justin Sloan When Brooke’s dad is deployed and later killed in action, she and her family must deal with their grief. Brooke can’t understand why her dad had to leave. But then she finds a magic necklace that her dad left her. When she puts on the necklace, Brooke… Continue reading Back By Sunrise

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Autumn Beauty

Yesterday I helped with another field trip out at the Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve.  As we stood on top of the Tower and looked out over the marsh, I was impressed with how much the wetlands have changed, and how each season brings its own beauty.  Just a few short weeks ago, the marsh… Continue reading Autumn Beauty

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Peace in the Garden

When I was little, my grandmother wrote to me.  I was so excited to be the recipient of letters from the most wonderful person in the world.  These were simple, hand-printed letters that described the flowers, trees, grass, and birds in her garden.  At the time I was puzzled by her obsession with gardening, and… Continue reading Peace in the Garden

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From Sun to Rain

For me, Memorial Day weekend signals the almost-end of the school year and the beginning of summer. We spent a sunny weekend with family, eating corn on the cob, watermelon, steak from the grill, and pie -- among other things (I won't mention the homemade Chocolate Chip Waffles if you won't). We watched a lot… Continue reading From Sun to Rain

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The Robins are Back!

I just looked out the window and saw a robin sitting on a tree in the back yard.  When I go outside, there is a sense of quiet promise in the deliciously warm air.  Buds are swelling on the trees.  The last of the snow has disappeared.  My daffodils and lilies are waking up, yawning… Continue reading The Robins are Back!

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Canada Geese

On Saturday we parked by a large pond where  a variety of geese and ducks had congregated.  I was especially glad to see the Canada Geese grazing along the slowly greening slope above the pond.  Something about the Canada Geese stirs my heart.  Is it that they originate in my native land?  Is it admiration… Continue reading Canada Geese

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A Day of Fog and Ice

This is a day of fog and icy roads, a day when I am bundled into a thick sweatshirt, wondering why I moved from sunny southern California.  The mountains are shrouded in pale white.  I can barely see the trees in the orchard behind my house.  All that remains are ghostly shapes and twisted branches. … Continue reading A Day of Fog and Ice