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My Favorite Books for 2022

Another year has whipped by, and here I am again, looking over my Goodreads list to figure out which books I enjoyed the most. It's so hard to decide. I reread a lot of old favorites, plus some new books from my favorite authors, and other books too. Here are the winners for the year:… Continue reading My Favorite Books for 2022



I am thankful for books. I'm so grateful that I have the ability to read them. How rich they have made my life! So many times a book has come along into my life just when I needed it. I am thankful for the men and women whose stories uplifted, inspired and entertained me. I… Continue reading BOOKS

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The Best Books of 2019

2019 was a wonderful year for reading. I discovered so many good books by new authors, along with old favorites I had to reread. It was hard to choose only a few for my Best Books list, but here they are. For my full reading list for 2019, see my Goodreads page. I hope you'll… Continue reading The Best Books of 2019