2021 Best Books of the Year

I've reread a lot of my favorite books this past year, but I've also found some great new books to share with you. Here are my favorites for 2021: January - The Accidental Text - by Becky Monson (clean romance) February -- Georgiana's Secret - by Arlem Hawks (clean, historical romance); Fire of Faith -… Continue reading 2021 Best Books of the Year


Book Review: Abraham in Egypt

Book Review: Abraham in Egypt, by Hugh Nibley: Non-fiction, ancient studies This book is a fascinating study of the Book of Abraham and other documents which have come to light, which tell the same heretofore unknown stories of Abraham’s life. The papyri which contained the Book of Abraham were found with several mummies which were… Continue reading Book Review: Abraham in Egypt


The Summer of Hamlet

I have been working hard on my life story. I'm up to 2003, the year our oldest son went off to college.  The summer before he left, my friends and I sewed Scottish outfits for ourselves and our kids, and we went to the Scottish Highland concert. We had our annual Mad Hatter’s Un-Birthday Party,… Continue reading The Summer of Hamlet

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Need an Editor?

Did you finish your NaNoWriMo project in November? Are you looking for an editor? Kiara Horowitz does developmental, evaluation, and content editing. She worked with me on several occasions with different manuscripts, and she did an amazing job at helping me figure out what steps to take next in my writing process. She is enjoyable… Continue reading Need an Editor?

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It’s almost time for NaNoWriMo!

Already we are halfway through October, and you know what that means: November is National Novel Writing Month! This means that thousands of people will attempt to write a book of at least 50,000 words in a single month. There are no prizes (unless you want to order the cool t-shirts). The reward is the… Continue reading It’s almost time for NaNoWriMo!


Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 46.2 — Rescue

Ch. 46.2 – Miss Pringle walked between the four enormous guards. Her heart was full of misery. She expected to be thrown in prison, or even executed. All her life’s work would be for naught. The night was dark, lit only by the stars and the street lamps. The air was heavy, the silence oppressive. Suddenly,… Continue reading Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 46.2 — Rescue