Book Review: Heart of Gold

Simon Phillips is a wealthy attorney with an attitude. Everything in his life centers on his prestigious job, and he lets nothing stand in the way of success. He also has an ulcer and a drinking problem. After a drunken rant at his fellow attorneys, he is forced into a leave of absence and two months of community service. He finds an obscure, run-down medical clinic and begins to help restore the building, using carpentry skills taught to him by his grandfather. Dr. Kate Spencer works from early morning until late at night, caring for the poor and downtrodden at her clinic. A widow and a survivor of an abusive, dysfunctional home, Kate has seen a lot of sorrow in her life, and she doesn’t trust men. When Simon and Kate first meet, sparks fly, but the odds are against them. Someone is stalking Kate, and she fears for her life.  Simon thinks only of making money, even if it means betraying his new friends.

What follows is one of the most beautiful love stories I have ever read.  I watched the unfolding of each character and cheered them on as they began to grow and change. The characters are deep and multi-faceted. The story is interesting and kept me reading far into the night. The dialogue is great. The descriptions brought me right there into the story. I also enjoyed the supporting characters, who added spice and humor to the story.

This is a clean, contemporary romance, and I loved it! I would recommend it to everyone. Thank you to Quinn Coleridge for a beautiful story. I look forward to reading more of her books.

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