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Book Review: When Love Comes My Way

Tess Wakefield inherits her grandfather’s logging company, but her interests lie in making and selling hats, so her fiancé convinces her to sell the company. However, when she and a school teacher head out to the logging camp in Michigan (1873), they are in a wagon accident. Only Tess is rescued alive, and her memories of who she is are gone.

Jake Lannigan is the foreman of the logging company, and he is fed up with the “princess” who controls the company, but who refuses to consider replanting the forest. When he rescues Tess, he figures out who she is, but he convinces Tess that she is the school teacher in order to buy himself some time. Tess struggles with a rowdy class and wonders why she is drawn to making hats. When Tess and Jake start falling for each other, the truth must be revealed, with alarming consequences.

When I grabbed this book off the shelf, I was expecting a ho-hum romance. Imagine my surprise when I found that this book had vibrant characters, a humorous plot that Shakespeare would have enjoyed, and delightfully witty dialogue. It was funny, touching, and uplifting. It’s been a long time since I stayed up late to finish a book. Thank you, Lori Copeland! I look forward to reading more of her books.

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