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Book Review: Artistic Pedagogical Technologies

Artistic Pedagogical Technologies: A Primer for Educators – by Katherine J. Janzen, Beth Perry, and Margaret J. A. Edwards.

Have you ever sat through a boring lecture and wished there was a better way for teachers to present material? Have you watched your child plod through numerous worksheets and wished the teacher would employ a method that wasn’t so dull? Do you ever ask, “What happened to making learning fun?” Well, there is another way.

After twelve years of research and testing in the actual classroom, Katherine J. Janzen, Beth Perry, and Margaret J. A. Edwards present this book, which explores a variety of alternative teaching methods and explains their critical need in the classroom today. Although meant for nursing educators at a university level, the same theory and methods can be applied to all teachers and any age group of students.

The authors were involved with both traditional and online nursing programs and saw the need to reach students in a more effective way. They worked to develop these art-based teaching strategies, which involve creativity, technology, play and entertainment.  Quantum Learning, a theory created by Katherine Janzen, is a fascinating look at how we as human beings learn, and what we need in order to deeply learn concepts and apply them to real life situations. Included are actual lesson plans and the encouragement to adapt them to a variety of learning environments. I really enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone who teaches.

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