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Book Review: No Less Days

Book Review: No Less Days, by Amanda G. Stevens — David Galloway can’t die. He looks 35, but he’s actually over a century old. He has survived three wars and the loss of his loved ones, and he now lives a solitary life as the owner of a bookstore in northern Michigan. He keeps himself aloof from all relationships, sure that he’ll be alone until the end of time. His only solace is found in books. Even his kind, smart, and beautiful assistant, Tiana, can’t tempt him.

Then David sees in the news that daredevil Zachary Wilson walked away unhurt from a fall that should have killed him. David sets out to discover if Zachary is like him and finds a whole group of people who, like him, were all changed by the same doctor’s serum.  David struggles with trauma from the past, the angst of falling in love again with a mortal, and the heart-wrenching decisions that must be faced when a crime is committed.

I loved this book! I was right there with David as he processed his grief and eventually found the things he needed most through faith, music, and love. The other characters all have their own problems which play into the unfolding plot. The story is beautifully written, and the themes of the book really made me think.

Book two in this series is From Sky to Sky.

Adult Fantasy, Clean Reads, Five Stars

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