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Book Review: Valley of Dreams

Book Review: Valley of Dreams – by Sarah M. Eden:  Patrick O’Connor has been on the run for ten years, fleeing the pain of his past. When a letter from his mother catches up with him, he makes one last desperate attempt to save himself: he decides to go to his family and ask for their help.

On the stagecoach ride to Hope Springs, Patrick meets Eliza Porter, a recently widowed woman who has left New York in hopes of making a better life for herself and her young daughter. She dreams of building and running an inn, but her poverty is only one of her obstacles.

Eliza looks beneath Patrick’s rough exterior and sees his kind heart. As friendship blossoms into the beginning of love between the two, the unresolved issues in their pasts get in the way. Patrick and Eliza must learn to trust each other, be honest, and reach out to family to get the help they need.

I loved this book! As usual Sarah M. Eden gives us a sweet, enjoyable romance. While doing so, she explores deeper issues, which leaves you wondering if the myriad of problems in today’s world could be resolved or made lighter if we just reached out to those around us in kindness and love. Thank you, Sarah!

This is Book 6 in the Longing for Home series (Historical Romance). Five stars.

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