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Book Review: Intertwine

Emme Wilde finds an old locket at a sale. Within is a miniature painting of a handsome man and two locks of hair, one of which matches her hair color. On the outside of the locket a romantic note to “E,” signed “F” has been engraved. Emme is sure the locket is meant for her, and she spends all her free time dreaming about her true love, the mysterious “F.”  Accidents follow her wherever she goes, and her brother and friend try to help her to forget “F” and find love in the real world. In 2012 she ends up in an English cottage during a thunderstorm. Emme goes into the cellar, stumbles through a time portal, and goes back in time to 1812, where she is hit on the head by a falling branch and knocked unconscious.

James Knight has always wanted to travel the world and have adventures. Instead he is stuck on his estate caring for his tenants, watching helplessly as his sister slowly dies from tuberculosis, and his younger brother pines for the girl next door. Then one night during a storm James returns home from a trip to London and finds a beautiful woman in the forest, injured and without memory of who she is or how she got there. Around her neck is a locket with his picture inside, but he has never seen her before. His adventure is about to begin.

I enjoyed this book, along with all the other books in the series. The House of Oak books are historical romances with a time portal that connects the characters from different eras. The people are funny, warm and endearing.  I recommend this light-hearted, clean romance.

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