The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 50.6 — Felix Keeps a Promise

Chapter 50.6 — Mary watched their expressions carefully, amazed that Felix was so brash to a powerful fey. Yet the boy seemed to have no fear at all.

Old Bob frowned at Felix. “You would be welcome in my house. As my nephew, you are my heir.”

Felix shook his head. “Why would you want me? – a nobody without powers. No, I’m staying here.”

Old Bob looked displeased, but he only shrugged. “I will leave the door open. If you ever want to visit me, you will know the way.”

“Hah.” Felix grimaced and speared another marshmallow.

Old Bob’s eyes glittered as he spoke sternly. “Janine saved your life and helped you find a home, and in return you were unkind to her.”

Felix stared at him, then looked away. “Yes, I was.”

“Janine is one of my favorite people. She is brave, kind, and true in spite of the trials she has gone through. And now when she should finally be finding happiness, I find her in tears.”

For the first time Mary saw the boy squirm.

“You owe her a life debt and an apology.”

Felix hung his head. “Yes, sir. I will take care of it.”

Old Bob looked pleased. Then he turned to Mary. “And you, Princess, what do you want to do?”

Mary’s throat tightened. She knew Old Bob was on their side, but she still couldn’t get over how much he looked like his evil brother. “I am not sure yet.”

A sudden wind almost blew out the fire, and then an enormous serpentine shape flew across the moon. The ground shook at his landing. Jay’s eyes glowed like enormous golden moons in the dark as he loomed over them. Mary noticed a dark figure run along the dragon’s back, slide off, and then slip into the shadows. Her heart beat faster.

Col stood up. “Welcome, Sir Dragon. Will you join us? A cup of hot cocoa perhaps?”

“Janine and I have spent the last few days escorting creatures back to Wonderland. Unhappy creatures, mind you, who would rather stay here in Nelsonia or in the Tulgey Woods on this side of the mountains. The only ones who weren’t a bother were the raths, and no one was unhappy to see the last of them.”

Jay snorted. “Now I just want to go home, take a bath, and read a good book. I’m here only long enough to claim my prize. Felix?”

Felix gave his marshmallow stick to Mary and walked over to the dragon. “Lift me up. This is for your ears only.”

The dragon opened his front paw, and Felix fearlessly climbed onto his palm. Jay set him up on his neck, and Felix scampered the rest of the way to the space between the dragon’s ears.  Felix grabbed hold of one ear and whispered something.

“Ahhh.” Jay’s eyes glittered. He grinned, showing all his teeth.

“Felicitations. My debt to you is paid.” Felix scampered down again and went back to reclaim his marshmallow stick.

Without saying goodbye, Jay took off into the night, heading north.

Mary admired Felix’s courage. Then again, even if he looked like a small boy who claimed to have no magical abilities, Felix was a hundred-year-old fey. He still smelled like magic. She figured Col and Bee would be extremely busy raising him.



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