The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 49.3 — The Troll

Ch. 49.3 –  Mary and Queen Natalie were supposed to stay hidden in the woods, guarded by Mr. Dumfries and Bernie. That was the plan. They weren’t anywhere near the battle. They should have been safe.

Unfortunately, they hadn’t counted on the lone troll who came crashing through the forest straight at them.

Queen Natalie stood up and faced him, calmly waiting. Mary glanced at her in admiration. Then she stood up with her dagger in her trembling hand. She would die now, defending her new friend.

Something about the troll seemed familiar. As he drew closer, Mary’s heart rate picked up. He looked different in the daylight, but she knew that face. This was the troll who had been in charge of her all these years. The same one who had starved her, tortured her, and made her feel worthless.

“Bump,” she whispered. Terror filled her.

Just then Mr. Dumfries rushed in front of them, brandishing a sword. “Not one step farther, or I’ll run you through.”  The donkey skidded to a stop beside him, braying.

The troll roared with laughter. “Old man, you couldn’t kill a squirrel.” With one enormous hand, he swatted Mr. Dumfries away as if he were a bee. The postman went flying over the trees. Bernie screeched and ran at the troll, but he too was batted away.

There was no time to react.

The troll turned back to the women. “Well, well, we meet again, Mole. And Queen Natalie, if I’m not mistaken.” His eyes glowed with greed. “With you two as my prisoners, perhaps I can gain back the king’s favor.”

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