The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 48.4 — The Battle Begins

Ch. 48.4 — After the troll king’s proclamation, Ezra waited to see what his people on the other side of the valley would do.  They drew in closer to each other, but to their credit, not one of them surrendered. Ezra was so proud of them.

King Tolgut threw back his head and laughed, revealing long, dripping fangs. “Very well, we will begin.”

He shouted to his troops in their language, and the troll army began to advance.

The flag of Nelsonia fluttered in the wind. A bugle sounded. As the humans began their charge, they were joined by wave after wave of others. First came three enormous boars wearing armor, their tusks gleaming. Beside them were the bandersnatches and the giants, then the werewolves. Troops of gnomes, fey, elves, and creatures from the Tulgey Woods joined them.

King Tolgut brandished his club. “So, we’ll have some fun today after all.”  He and Prince Markam thundered forward.

The three boars screamed in defiance. The giants roared. The wolves howled as they rushed towards the trolls. The two sides met with an awful crash that shook the ground.

Ezra and Fritter scampered down from the tree where they had been keeping watch and drew their swords.

“Ready?” Ezra said.

“Ready.” Fritter’s eyes gleamed. He held up his shining blue blade. “For Nelsonia and the dragon.”

Ezra held up his identical blue sword and repeated the words. And then they ran.

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