The True Adventures of Jay B R Wokky, Web Serials

Jay B. R. Wokky Ch. 46.4 — Zelda’s Lie

Ch. 46.4 — Eli listened as Zelda continued her conversation with Jeeves in the hallway.

“Eli was gone a long time from Nelsonia. He doesn’t remember it, but he was being held captive by an evil witch named Connie, who lives in the Tulgey Woods. She put a spell on him. During the day he seems normal, but at night, Eli turns into a monster. He grows fur, foams at the mouth, and his teeth become long and sharp. Above all else, he craves blood. If he were to get loose while in this state, he could hurt or kill someone. He could even…” Her voice sank to a whisper. “… try to hurt himself.”

Jeeves gasped. “Perhaps we should tie him up… and lock the doors.”

“I’ve already secured him. He won’t be going anywhere tonight. But you must be vigilant from now on. Don’t let him out of his room, even if he cries out and begs you.”

“We should warn the king.”

“No, no, the poor man has his own problems. I will handle it.”

“Forgive me, my Lady, but are you sure you still want to marry him? I mean, is it safe?”

She laughed lightly. “Never fear, Jeeves, I’m an expert at potions. I’m sure Prince Eli will be permanently cured by the time of the wedding.”

Their voices faded as they went down the hall.

Permanently cured? As in dead? Eli wrestled against his bounds, but it was useless. He lay back against the pillow and panted. Despair filled his heart.


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