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Remembering Lynette

Today is my first baby’s birthday. She would have been thirty-six years old. Even after all these years, I still miss her. She is just as much one of my children as the ones who made it and lived. She was alive, she moved, and she responded to us. Then at seven and a half months pregnancy, she died. After a fairly short, painful labor, I held her for a few short minutes as my husband and I grieved. My deep sorrow instigated a search for answers in the scriptures, in writings of the prophets, and in recordings of near-death experiences. I wanted to know where she was and what would happen to her. Eventually the Lord blessed me with a sweet peace and knowledge that this baby was mine, that she would be resurrected, and I would hold her again.

I can’t help but think about the war that is going on right now against unborn children and the laws that have been passed that legalize the killing of innocent children. It sickens me and fills me with such sadness.

Thou Shalt Not Kill. Does it get any clearer than that?  The baby within a womb is just as much a human being as the one who is born. Our children are, or should be, precious to us. Life is sacred.  We are the spiritual sons and daughters of God, and we should treat each other accordingly. We come to earth for a reason. Even with all its hardships and sorrows, life is a gift. It is worth living. I repeat: Life is sacred.

People talk about the woman’s right to choose. What about the baby’s right to life? There are so many people who yearn for a child, who are unable to have one. Their hearts sorrow as year after year they try to become pregnant. They would adopt a baby if they could. The baby that one woman doesn’t want could be cherished by a lonely couple, if only the woman would think of the baby as a human being who deserves a chance, who deserves to be loved.

Has America really become a nation of depravity who care only for their own convenience, who have no reverence for life? We look down on the people of the Old Testament days, who sacrificed their children to gods of stone and metal. We think we are so much better than them. We are so much more enlightened with our technology and science. But it looks as if we have only exchanged gods of stone and metal for gods of convenience, selfishness, and money. A nation that persists in mocking the laws of the real, living God will suffer the wrath of God, just as did the nations of old. Is that really what we want?

Choose life. Cherish your children. Love them.



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